Friday, December 09, 2005

Jamie loves bald men

Jamie's got a blog now. They're so passe.

And he keeps berating me for not updating mine. So here you go, it's an update. I feel dreadful today after popping out for a 'quick' drink yesterday. I think I must be getting old, either that or teetotal Christian activists are secretly injecting the barrels with strychnine. I started the day with a bag of rib 'n' saucy Nik Naks (more effective at battling hangovers than alkaseltzer) and a sausage roll. Sometimes only fat-laced, salty carbs will do.


James Fenn said...


Will said...

Where's yours then Alexi?

Jamie said...

Will you doughnut. It was me who posted that message. Not Alexi Sayle aka Fenn.

He's hardly gonna put his website as 'bald and talentless' is he?