Thursday, January 12, 2006

Lost without Lost

Well the first series of Lost is over and we still don't know what's down the hatch (guessing not a well stocked fridge and Playstations) or where the fuck the polar bears come from. Now Wednesday returns to it's former position as mid-week hump.

In the M&S near my work they have an electronic queueing machine - you know where it shouts out which cashier to go to next. Anyway, some days they also have some guy do exactly the same job, like today. So you get shouted at by the machine, shouted at by the guy, and if that isn't enough there's a screen with the next till in HUGE fucking numbers in front of you. This is not a big store. I am not blind. I can see when a customer leaves the till, I HAVE USED SHOPS BEFORE!

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Tim said...

I saw the last two episodes of lost last night when I got in from the pub, but they made little sense as I've not seen the series. Although from what I hear they'd probably make as much sense if I had.

You missed a very nice Sailplanes gig on wednesday down at the Metro, but there's plently coming-up anyway. Here's some pics of thursday's manchester gig, which was also cool because I got to meet some internet chums in real life for the first time!