Monday, January 09, 2006

Tim at a football game

Indisputable proof that Tim went to a football match. This was on Boxing Day. We left at half time because it was cold and boring. Doesn't he look like he's enjoying it? I finally figured out how to use Picasa properly, hence the sudden photo splurge. Jamie's just jealous because he doesn't have a camera, although I'm sure he's going to treat us to dramatic photos of New York from his phone. No 1. Here's the back of someone's seat on the plane, No. 2. Here's my left palm, No 3. Here's some snow...or is that the sky... etc

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Anonymous said...

Jeez that's a bad picture. To be honest I was getting into it by half time, but you pussies slunk off home just because of the freezing cold. And I didn't wanna be left with Dad wearing that hat. I did try to lay a guilt trip on Thomas, seeing as he's supposed to like football, but that sort of thing is lost on nine year olds.

Jamie said...

Quiet you! You went to a football match. Have some of that popular culture!

Jamie said...

Hey! I just read that post properly? What's with the badmouthing of my D600? It's 2 megapixel you c**t! Who wants a digital camera anyway? Not me!