Friday, January 20, 2006

Tourists = insects

Tourists are basically like locusts. They hear about the next great attraction, then swarm to it, killing off all the native visitors until it's just a hollow shell of it's previous incarnation.
Obviously I am not talking about you or I, the responsible traveller, eager to seek out the offbeat and unusual, but rather the uneducated doofus, who garners their itinerary from a guide book. Just look at the West End. The only people you'll ever find in the West End are tourists and stag/hen nights from some god-awful provincial cesspit like Stevenage, Ashford or Essex. I'm sure once upon a time it was a nice place, but now it's resigned to forever be a 'tourist hotspot', but at least we know it's there, and avoid it like the plague.

The reason for this rant is that I've just come back from Borough Market (where I picked up some excellent sour dough bread, as well as a few other edible goodies) and the place was absolutely swamped with tourists. They were everywhere, bumping the local trade out of the way with their grotesque, obese frames and inexplicably enormous rucksacks. It took me ages to get my Pyrenean salami because I had to wait for a gang of undernourished backpackers to sample everything on the table, eight times. Pretty soon it's going to start driving all the local cutomers away (by that I mean mostly the people who work nearby) and there'll be no one going to the market who actually spends any money. They won't be able to survive on the takeaway food they sell alone, and they need this extra trade from people who maybe don't want to consume the rat oil that passes for extra virgin olive oil in Tesco's.

Anyway, we'll have to see what happens, but if things get any worse I'll have to regress back to shopping in supermarkets. That is until Muswell Hill Sainsbury's gets a mention in Lonely Planet.


bagelmouse said...

Just Natural - it's, like, right next door to you!

Will said...

Yeah I know, I go there like all the time.