Monday, February 20, 2006

Council tax rises, bird flu arrives, I leave the country

Not long now until these lovely people whisk me away from the damp armpit that is February in London.

I've had to postpone my CCNA resit because I've just got too much to do, and I was a lazy arse at the weekend. By the time I get back from Australia I'll probably have forgotten everything as well, but it beats rushing around like a blue-arsed fly for the next few days.

I've sorted out a visa, ordered money, bought a guidebook, got insurance and found my passport. All I need to do now is pack, figure out how to get to the airport on Saturday, pick up money, eat everything in the fridge, do some washing (best if I do that before I pack) and then we're ready to roll. I'm sure I've forgotten something though, and we haven't even left.

Still looking out for cheap flights to Sydney to go see Helen and an ex colleague of mine, but it's looking decidely unlikely. Plus, after 19 hours of flying I don't think I'll be able to even look at another plane for at least 3 weeks. When's someone going to invent a really fast Train?


Jamie said...

Why are you refering to Helen as an ex-colleague? What are you, some work obsessed moron who truely believes that work and real life are so similar you can interchange phrases and titles as you wish? What, so when we go down the pub, are we having a meeting? When you have an appraisal with your manager are you having a chat with your mate? NO! SO DON'T CALL HER AN EX-COLLEAGUE DAMMIT. She's a mate. Even if she did dare to leave Barnet.

On that note, you better come back fomr Oz or I'll kill your family. You can't take them with you, can you eh?
Now, all I want to do is fill in some word verifications. Oh look... goody!

Will said...

Oh you're just such an unadulterated muppet aren't you? Why don't you read with your eyes instead of your bile duct?

Look at this: "go see Helen and an ex colleague of mine"

Did you notice that little conjunctive there?

Now where's that word verification box....

Jamie said...

Oh yeah. Good rant though I thought.

Tits McGee