Sunday, February 26, 2006

Phew, it's a scorcher

Well, we've made it. After about 24 hours of travelling I'm writing this in Alison's house in Australia. This is gonna be a quick one because I'm absolutely shagged. The 12hr flight was amazingly quite bearable, but the next 5hr flight was pretty crummy cos we didn't get the emergency exit seats. Plus I was too chicken to ask for an upgrade on either, but I doubt they'd have given me one anyway.
It was 35 degrees C when we landed in Perth, and it looks set to continue like that. Anyway, must sleeeeeeeep.


Aruna said...

Hey guys,

Glad you made it in one piece! Hope you have a fab time and we expect lots of photos on here please... v.v. jealous of the weather!!!

A x

Jamie said...

Hey Baby, wanna like get me on?

Helen said...

Jamie, are you missing Will that much already?

Jamie said...

I was talking to Aruna.

But yeah, someone needs to set my wireless network up, AND ghe's gonna miss my first gig with my new band. And he missed my gig with The Apologists.