Thursday, March 02, 2006

Dingoes ate my baby

Strewth! Would you cop a load of them dingoes mate!

Welcome to the first official post of Will and Alison's holiday blog, or "hog", excepting the jibbering 'arrived safely' post.

We've been here a few days now, I'm getting used to the weather. Or rather, the weather's getting used to me - it was 36 when we arrived but is now down to high twenties/low thirties... I think, but I don't have a thermometer or anything. Though it is going to get hotter soon.

We've been to the beach, been to Perth, seen some real life Australian wildlife, in real cages (see above) and tomorrow we're going to an island populated entirely by rats the size of sheep. Sweet. We've also had lots of 'family' time and I'm enjoying my role as pseudo-uncle with a baby in one hand and a pint in the other. And the barmaid used the word pint, so I'm allowed to as well.

I've actually started to read my Lonely Planet guide, and now have some ideas of where I want to go. Obviously this will have to coincide with what Alison wants to do, but so far the list kinda looks like this:

Swim with Dolphins
Swim/see whale sharks
Marine wildlife reserve oop north
Tour Margaret River wineries (think the Loire Valley in France)
Probably do a museum or two
Walk along the tree tops doon south
Generally forget about work and laze on the beach

We'll see how many of these we actually do though....

Just let me leave you with an observation - seems like most people around here are as tanned as northerners and spend most of the time indoors. What's the point in so much blistering sunshine if after 15 minutes in it, you actually blister? Posted by Picasa

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