Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Due to feeling antagonistic this morning rather than posessing a sense of ethical justice, I took up the Starbucks Challenge that a friend mentioned in her blog some time ago. Venue of choice was the Starbucks stand outside London Bridge station. In fact they make the worst double latte of all Starbucks I've ever been to, but they're on the way to work. Yes I know there's one in Hays Galleria, but that's not on my way is it?

Anyway, much to my disappointment, they'd happily provide me with an Estima coffee, and had it already brewed. There is a major flaw with this though - I didn't want a normal coffee, I wanted a latte - and apparently they can't make espresso out of the Estima. At least that's what the barista chap said. If it's a guy does that make him a barist? Or a barrister? Or just the boss?

Anyway, it's all pretty pointless as far as I can tell. Who knows how much they're paying for their coffee? Who says it is or isn't a fair price? You can be damn sure the Colombian farmer isn't getting anywhere near 2 quid a cup. But just because it's got the fairtrade stamp on it we can carry on exploiting the third world with a smug glow in our chests.

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