Thursday, May 11, 2006

And one more thing

My brain must be a bit soggy today because I forgot to mention this. The rubbish people who operate the overground train from Moorgate up to Alexandra Palace (and beyond possibly, I have heard rumours that there are people living north of there) have been replaced. So it's no longer WAGN, instead it's First Capital Connect, whose acronym doesn't roll off your tongue in quite the same way.

Now they've been running the line since 1st April and every single day the train is late. Or cancelled. I thought WAGN were bad, but these cowboys must take some beating. Seriously, how difficult is it to get from point A to point B on a pre-defined route, where you're not able to deviate from your course. Signal failure? Let's not built this up to be something more important than it is. It's a big light that either glows green (for 'go train go') or red (for 'stop while you're going around a bend so all the passengers lean to the right'). If you can operate fairy lights you can be a signal operator.

I don't know about you, but if a light bulb in my home blows, or 'fails' in some other way, I replace it. What's the problem here? Not enough long ladders? Or are all the train staff taking their cue from underground staff and are currently holed up in a brothel in Willesden taking turns on an unfortunate Albanian girl whilst signed off from work due to 'illness' having been recommended by their 'doctor' to keep their penis at a constant 90 degree angle.

The only thing First Capital Connect do better than WAGN is inspect tickets. I didn't see a ticket inspector for a year until last month, but have seen dozens now. Except they're not ticket inspectors. They're 'revenue protection officers'. Jumped-up job titled bastards.

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