Thursday, June 15, 2006

Buenos Noches

Well after 3 days in Prague for an Orange conference (that's a conference held by Orange, rather than a conference about oranges) I'm now in Madrid for a workshop with a few of our IT people from Europe. Prague was dead nice, as always. The conference was a little tedious, and was mostly an overlong sales pitch, but you've got to take the rough with the smooth in this business sunshine. You don't get free trips for nothing.

My camera is unfortunately knackered (I guess it couldn't take the Aussie heat) and since I bought a PSP rather than a new one, all I had was my trusty camera phone. I shall post some of the blurry photos when I get back home.

I just thought I'd write a quick update as the hotel in Prague didn't have any internet access (5 star + no internet, you what?!) but this one's got high speed in the room. I'm in one of the 'business' rooms, which basically means free minibar (although it's not exactly brimming with alcoholic delights, I did swipe all the gummi bears already) loads of poncy looking toiletries (although I brought my own) a box of chocs on arrival (all gone) and the choice of 10 smells for the room including 'siesta under the orange trees' and 'spring in blossom'. No 'english boozer' unfortunately, so I might skip that particular treat.

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