Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Ipod sucks

Can someone please recommend me a new MP3 player? My iPod mini has come to the end of it's useful life after a mere year and a half, as I get about an hours play out of it before the battery dies.

Fucking Apple. All style over substance.


Tim said...

ipod mini battery replacement kit, £14.99 from Maplins:

ipods frankly rule. The click-wheel makes them the most user-friendly mp3 player you can get. Just replace the battery. Even if you will insist on listening to the damn Shins on it.

Will said...

You mean the Shins what you liked before everyone else starting liking them, and now you don't like them because everyone else does, yes?

Tim said...

Phaha I've never liked the Shins, not when I first heard them on some Sub Pop compilation, not when Natalie Portman whittered about them in that shit film.
I did however, like them at ATP, as I could safely mooch around in bed on the Sunday without fear of missing a half-decent band.

Kaz said...

I liked my Creative Muvo. It broke, because of me stupidly not keeping it in the rubber case. But seriously, before you buy a new mp3 player check things like how it organises files and shit like that. On the creative you could make folders on your PC and transfer them directly onto the player, so you could listen to tunes in whatever combinations previously decided. Rio automatically ignores any playlists or stuff you make unless you make them with their own crappy software. ALSO beware Rio's wa of alphabetising all your tracks instead of playing them in album tracklist order.

If I could afford it I'd have an iPod. Stick with the iPod! Or if not, get a Creative thing.. I think their latest one is, originally enough, called "Nano"