Tuesday, June 20, 2006


How come no one told me the Lemonheads were playing Somerset House? Anyway, I managed to get a couple of tickets. I just hope it doesn't rain.

And excluding the top acts on the bill doesn't this festival completely trash anything that's happening in the UK this summer? The Flaming Lips! The Shins! The Raconteurs! Iron & Wine! Explosions in the Sky! Wolf Parade!! The Stills!! The South Austin Jug Band!?...

It's unlikely I'll be able to go, but I am sadly looking at how much it would cost to get there.

What the fuck is KT Tunstall doing in the line up? British music makes me sick. How many whiny female singer-'songwriters' with stupid names must the music industry thrust upon us? Melua, Furtado, Thom, Bailey Rae, Topley-Bird. Jesus wept. This is what happens when you give them the vote, they get into areas that they know nothing about. That's why women only ever have 5 CDs, all 'New Woman' compilations. And they don't get jokes.


bagelmouse said...

Yeah, The Shins will change your life.

Actually, when did you turn into Jamie? And what you're doing there is confusing British MUSIC with all the bollocks women+acoustic guitar drivel that is inexplicably popular. If you attempt to claim that all American music is so much better than all British music, I shall point you in the direction of country. And jazz.

Will said...

I could go on to say that there is actually plenty of worthwhile country music (Townes van Zandt, Johnny Cash, Ryan Adams) and you shouldn't lump everything together into such a broad genre and call it crap. But you probably wouldn't get it.

Although jazz is uber-shit.