Thursday, June 08, 2006


"Uber middle class"....

95% of this country are middle class, with about 2.5% working class and 2.5% upper class. Having a university degree would certainly put an individual into the middle class category. Ranting about pillow cases will mean you definitely qualify. In fact, unless you have a dog on a string you won't have much chance of falling into the working class category. Some people feel guilty that they're better off than 2.5% of the population. Maybe they should just start feeling jealous of the other 2.5%.

Veering off at a tangent, much like sine over cosine, I have not been my usual chipper self lately what with one thing or the other, so in an effort to expurgate these feelings of negativity I've done what I've always known to cure one's deflated condition - splashed the cash on unnecessary consumer electronics. Tomorrow (courier willing) I take delivery of a shiny new white PSP, courtesy of Amazon.

Now I had been after a PSP for ages, but just never got round to getting one as I couldn't justify the expense. I still can't justify it now, I just don't care. Plus I'm getting the remake of Outrun, how cool is that?!

I'm going to be doing a fair amount of travelling in the coming months; Prague and Madrid next week and Dubai next month. So I believe that an investment in a distraction from aeroplane-creaking should be worth it.

Plus my Ipod seems to be on it's last legs battery wise, spluttering to a disappointing halt after a lousy 90 mins. Just like England will be on Saturday.

I nearly got through the whole post without a mention of the World Cup. Oh well.


kate said...

but in a marxist sense, we're all working class.

Will said...

Well what did he know, the big beardy fucker.

Jamie said...

This is what I'm talking about:

Put down your garlic olives and have a read.

Tim said...

I just bought one of these too.
Loco Roco looks too fun to miss out on. This will be my first console or whatever since an Atari 7800. Admittedly I did buy that only a few years ago.