Saturday, July 22, 2006

An angry, slightly gay email to Molton Brown

Dear Molton Brown,

I have been using the men's Refreshing facial micro-exfoliator for some years now. After trying products from many other companies I found that this was the only decent exfoliator that actually removed dead skin, left my skin feeling nicely cleansed, but without looking like a baboon's backside.

Upon my recent order from your website, I could no longer find this product, but going by the picture and (what I thought was) an identical description, I purchased the papain daily facial wash. Imagine my horror when I used it this morning and found that there were no little exfoliating micro-beads that I'd learnt to love so much. It's just a plain old face wash, something that is already available from Molton Brown (I use the skinfresh one). Face wash's are 2 a penny, but a good exfoliant is very rare.

Please can you bring back this product, I don't want to have to resort to scouring eBay for the last remaining bottles.

kind regards, Will


bagelmouse said...

If you want exfoliating cleanser-type things, try these from Lush (also to be found a few doors down from Molton Brown on South Molton Street):
Angels on Bare Skin - looks weird and I didn't think it'd be any good but I got a free sample a few weeks ago and it's absolutely fantastic. Gentle, but effective.

or Ocean Salt - it's a bit harsher (it uses salt, hence the name) but still good. And it smells a damn sight less girly than Angels on Bare Skin.

Will said...

I don't like Lush out of principle - their shops stink out the high street.

Plus I don't want to have to rub salt or nuts into my face. I just want a facewash that exfoliates.

I found one, but dagnammit, they stopped selling it.

Ant said...

"Plus I don't want to have to rub salt or nuts into my face"

Or, god forbid, salty nuts. That'd be more than *slightly* gay.

Will said...

walked right into that one didn't I...