Wednesday, July 26, 2006

I'm listening to Triple J online right now

Does that mean I miss Australia? Possibly. Strangely I get a warm glow when I hear about news in Geraldton and Busselton. Well if you'd had the privilege to get taken out in a lil' fishing boat at dawn to pull some lobster pots, bouncing up and down, holding on for dear life because you're 6'3" and your centre of gravity isn't as low as you'd want it to be, you'd be in the position to hold on to good memories. I didn't post those pictures did I? I'm sure I can find some. In terms of the lobster/crayfishness - what they call crayfish we call rock lobster. Basically, it's a lobster but without massive claws. It tastes as nice. We recently paid £12 for 2 king size Madagascan tiger prawns - 2 prawns goddammit!! £6 each. But they were nearly as big as the crayfish we caught, and nearly as tasty. But £6 a piece more expensive. For me and Ali it brought back the feelings of munching on fresh crayfish in her parents station wagon, on the way back home, before going for a sleep in the back of it. I don't even remember what town we were in, but we both instinctivly remembered the occasion.

I really didn't think I could fit lying down in the back, but it turns out I'm not as awkward as I thought I was... lol. I guess not physically anyway.

Plus Death Cab for Cutie are on Triple J right now, well it is 10.30am (I think) in Australia (Sydney time perhaps??!)

PS. It's like their XFM. News just in - 4 UN staff just killed by Israel. You'd think with the most sophisticated weaponry available in the world, they might have missed that UN outpost. But I guess they have to 'want' to miss it.

I used to be able to email from Gmail to Blogger, and I'd get a post up right away, but it's fnarked, so the last few posts might seem a little disjointed. Sorry!?


helen said...

I love triple J, its one of the things I'll definately miss about Australia. Some people here accuse it of being too mainstream but compared the the "indie hits" XFM (sorry it could have changed) that I heard last time I was in England it really takes risks. Plus its not afriad to be political and have opinions which I found really refreshing when I arrived here.

Will said...

Well you can check it out online can't you - just as you can with XFM. But I agree, it's turned into an indie Capital Radio, playing the same songs over and over again.

Though I did find Triple J a little jingoistic at times....'We're only playing Australian bands all evening' kinda thing.

helen said...

I can listen on the net from england but it is mostly the daytime shows I like and I don't like it enough to listen in the middle of the night.

I do think they are right to put some time aside for Australian music though. Australia's so big its really hard for bands to get nationally known and the majority of radio stations just play safe tracks, ie that record companies put a lot of money into as they've been hits in other countries. So it does do favours for local music.

Alison said...

On the Triple J website you don't have to listen to it live, they record the shows and you can listen to most of them from the start whenever you want.
Hi Helen, congrats by the way......
See I don't know if I agree with you about it being harder to get noticed in Oz because it is so big. Sometimes I think that it must be harder in London because there is just so many bands and things around and a lot more international artists come to London. But that also means more people to become followers. I think it all has to be put in perspective.
When I watch Pearly play I always wonder why they aren't really famous yet because they are fucking awesome (do I sound like a groupy yet??), but with so many other bands (good, bad and bloody aweful) out there how do you stand out. I also wonder; if they were in Oz would they be more "successful"?
I love that JJJ are all for supporting and helping find new Australian talent with things like Unearthed, Battle of the Bands and supporting the WAMI's. I don't know if it is true but it doesn't seem like the music industry or radio do anything to help or descover new talent over here. It seems like the idea is play gigs in dodgey bars and hope that one day the right person hears you and likes it.
I say stuff that, get all the right people together and have the bands come to them, possibley a bit like American Idol and alike but if you want to make it big or get famous you have to set your morals aside some times.
Right, if anybody knows of any things like this please let me know, if not and you think it would be a good idea, please let me know.