Wednesday, July 19, 2006

It's so hot

I've just ordered one of these.
Elgar my foster cat is hiding in the shade in my bedroom, in the small gap between my bed and the wall. It's his new favourite place since I banned him from the bathroom after thinking I'd lost him, only to find him nestled under the bath. I don't know how he got there because it's all boarded up, I guess he must have squeezed through the space around my toilet u-bend. I was panicing quite a bit by this time, wondering how I was going to tell Rachel I'd lost her cat after less than a day.
He's still not eating though, but he doesn't seem particularly bothered. I'm more worried that he's not drinking much (as far as I can tell) so I'm gonna buy him some yummy Whiskas and see if he likes that. If that fails I'll just have to buy him a can of sardines. I'm sure there's some kind of pet water that tastes like fish, but not sure where to look.
And he's moulting everywhere. And I mean seriously EVERYWHERE. I no longer have wooden floors, I've got a new cat hair carpet.


bagelmouse said...

Oh, poor baby boy!! Male cats don't drink that much (apparently; Felix barely drank anything ever, except when he would drink an entire bowlful of water every now and again just, I think, to panic my Mum into thinking he had kidney failure) so if he can eventually move his fat arse round to eating something he should be fine. Tuna should work too - I've seen him go nuts for tuna.

I'll give you money for all this food tonight mate...

Tim said...

What the fuck?
When did you get a cat? And why are you hanging out with my ex-girlfriend so much?

Will said...

Well she was friends with everyone before you decided to go out with her, so what's the beef?