Monday, July 17, 2006


So that's what the new bar opposite my office is going to be. At the risk of sounding old-fashioned, I can't say I approve.


bagelmouse said...

Lapdancing bars *are* old-fashioned. There's nothing more 70s than going to ogle some women who are not a) well paid or b) empowered by the experience. (No, really, they're not.) And I always liked Bankside as well... *sigh*

Every Man on the Planet said...


bagelmouse said...

Hello Jamie.

Anonymous said...

will, this is ward, how you been?
thought i would say hi, how
are things, i like the blog, dubai looks nice only ever been to the airport twice.

Alison said...

Well.... I have to say, as having been one of "those" women; I found the whole experience rather fun.
I would like to rebut on what the last speaker said....
With regards to point A, the money can be good, it just depends on how good you are and what you are willing to do (or how much you will do it for rather).
And point B, I find it VERY empowering to have a guy pay for me to take my clothes off. It just shows how easily trained, fooled etc men are that women can use their simple naked body to get things, and we can.
What I find hard to deal with is the attitude that you get from other WOMEN when they find out what you do. And when the say that we don't get empowered by it in a tone that really means that we shouldn't, how the F**K do they know if you are too frigid to try it??
There is nothing better than feeling like someone wants you, either physically or emotionally, and when you get up there for the first time and a room full of men start cheering and handing out money for you to take your clothes off you soon realise that you are not as ugly as you thought and you do have the sexual essence inside you.
At least nobody in strip clubs is pretending to be something they are not, everybody knows how it works, no games.
The only bad thing is when the girls do things they don't want to because they are blinded by the money.
What I say is "when you can hear the sound of your stilettos on the floor and their hands aren't full of money that is the time to go home, and don't look back".
And yes I would get back into it again and might, when I lose the extra weight I have put on since getting to this country.