Thursday, July 06, 2006

Pete can't take all the credit

I think what may have been the last straw was a totally innocuous comment that I tried to leave after the Sharapova rant, that went something like this:
"rubbish. rubbish. rubbish. See what you've done there is apply your 'the world has it in for women' paranoid hysteria without really thinking about it.

In actual fact the reasons that everyone is so up in arms about whatshername screaming all the time is because it's unsportsman/womanlike and puts off her opponents, giving her an unfair advantage. See what one opponent said:

If I remember rightly she was nearly disqualified from the Australian open for it.

Besides, girls 'grunting and shrieking' - if you've seen any porn you'll notice that it doesn't make women seem any less feminine or attractive, quite the opposite in fact. "
Harmless I thought, but some people just aren't comfortable with having their beliefs questioned.
By the way, I'll delete all comments to this post. ;)


Anonymous said...

Hey babe,

finally found your blog, you work hard on this don't you?!?
Glad that you got there okay and will be in touch again soon (tonight).
Work is so boring but must look like I am doing something so have to go.....
xxxxxxx A

Anonymous said...

Did that work??