Thursday, July 13, 2006


I felt so guilty because I would leave all my belongings strewn around the hotel room, and every time I left it people would scurry in and clean up after me. I would find all my dirty clothes neatly folded and placed on the side. One day I found that all my toiletries that I had left out were lined up in an orderly fashion on a little handkerchief. That really freaked me out.

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bagelmouse said...

The people in the hotel in Ljubljana did that, and that was a crappy little two star hotel. They'd fold up my pyjamas and slide them neatly under my pillow. I never fold up my pyjamas. It was weird. I blame Communist indoctrination, or that insane friendliness the Slovenes seem to have. Is it possible to have a hotel room and just say 'I'll leave a note when I'm out of loo paper, otherwise please don't bother'?

bagelmouse said...

Although, what's perhaps most amusing is that at first glance, the reflection of the overhead light in the marble surface looks like a little pile of white powder... unless you did actually find another way of amusing yourself that wasn't drinking.