Friday, July 21, 2006

Sorry we missed you

Earlier post: I was at my computer a little earlier than normal this morning, booking tickets for Ryan Adams. I know he's a right moody twat, but I just love his music.

The really annoying thing about ordering stuff off the internets is the whole delivery problem. Even though I can order whatever I want 24/7 for some bizarre reason there are no companies that deliver outside of normal working hours. It seems completely bizarre because if one were to emerge, it would make an absolute fortune. So anyway, I have to start the flirtatious toing and froing with Parceline to get them to deliver my fan. I actually said they could leave it with a neighbour, or just outside my door, but did they listen? Did they fuck. On the card they left it said I can authorise them to leave the delivery somewhere, but I have to send them a letter on headed paper (doesn't say what kind though - Starbucks headed paper? Disney headed paper?) and 2 weeks after they recieve it they'll act on it. I'd collect it from the depot but I doesn't even say where the depot is!?

It's ludicrous it really is. If Tesco can deliver within a 2 hour window, outside of working hours, then why can't everyone else? It's not even just the fucktards at Royal Mail that stop delivering at 5. Although they only start at about 2pm, so god knows how they cram it all in. Actually I think I do know - they just save up your mail for a few days, and deliver it all at once.

This is what we need:

Still, it puts off the inevitable fan death for a little longer.

I've been listening to The Sleepy Jackson's 'Lovers' quite a bit at the moment after they supported The Lemonheads on Sunday. It's very summery, I like it. Kinda like a cheery Elliot Smith.


bagelmouse said...

Actually, this whole thing about couriers is really annoying, because my experience of Pet Company shows that mail order firms CAN sort themselves out if they just put in a bit of effort. I called them and they held off shipping the package til the day before I was working from home, and they wrote on the box the times I would be out. And Parceline obeyed.

Kick their ass, Will.

Will said...

It didn't stop them delivering cat food that cats don't eat and kitty litter that smells like cornflakes though did it?

bagelmouse said...

Look, if he shits in it rather than the kitchen floor (apart from that first time) do you care?