Friday, July 14, 2006

Wow, a serious post.

I didn't see this advert in the Times (because I only read it on a sunday, and then only for the glossies..) but I'm thinking it can only have a positive affect. For too long most people just equate Judaism with Zionism and that criticising Israel is in some way anti-semetic, or somesuch bollocks. The fact is, their recent actions have shown that they're a bunch of murdering fascists hiding behind the guise of victimisation.

Now if the Muslim community could embrace a similar movement to counter Islamic fundamentalism, I'm sure a lot of people would sleep better at night. And it may go some way to repairing the damage done from that recent survey where 16% of British Muslims felt 7/7 was justified.

Then we can all go and live happily ever after, the Athiests, the Jews, the Muslims, the Zionists and the Fundamentalists. All one big happy family. Perhaps.


Tim said...

404 brainiac

Will said...

Fixed. Hopefully.

Jamie said...

Couldn't agree more with this post. nice one you pastyheaded freak.