Friday, August 11, 2006

6 days and long lunch on Sunday

This makes sobering reading.

How can a country full of people who believe in the fairy tales of creationism be allowed to have such a major influence on the rest of the world?


Pete said...

A huge chunk of America's founding fathers were barking mad Puritans who thought they had more future starting over in America than having a(nother) revolution here.

So the silver lining to your cloud is: given that loads of their offspring are still barking mad to this day, isn't it good that they're over there and not over here?

bagelmouse said...

Well... apparently some of them are over here. (Hoping that Will has html enabled).

Will said...

1/4 of Christians favour creationism, while 1/3 opt for intelligent design..... Am I missing something here? Either you believe the Bible is the word of god, or you don't right?

Religion baffles me, it really does.