Sunday, August 27, 2006


You know I've always been of the impression that the difficult part of relationships should be the whole finding someone you like, who likes you. But once you've found them life is supposed to be easy, you both presumably have things in common and things you like about each other, so why wouldn't it be? This is how friendships work so why should relationships be any different?
Is it that people that don't actually get along that well stay together after they hit it off because they're scared of not finding anyone else?


Jamie said...

Yes x 10000

Although love has something to do with staying together. Somewhere.

Will said...

It was a bit of a Doogie Howser post though wasn't it?

Today's word is "biksar"

bagelmouse said...

Sometimes love aint enough.

Is that a song lyric from somewhere? If it is, I suspect it's a lyric I should be ashamed to know.

kate said...

sounds like dolly parton to me.
(today's word = oydon, btw).

(i have no advice or serious comment to make, sorry)

Tim said...

A relationship shouldn't be that much work.

I've stayed in relationships too long in the past, and felt the will to live slowly ebb away. Honestly, being single is more enjoyable.

Tim said...

I should point out that I'm not single now though. Whaddya take me for, some kinda loser?

City Slicker said...

Doogie Howser reference spot on, Will MD.
I empathise and some on this topic as I have been in a number of long term rel'ships when you ask yourself these questions, well and short term ones too.
And the only thing I have really learned is that it's all a bit Freudian. In many ways, the sex is a better gauge on the 'health' of the rel'ship than anything else. Good sex can forgive many a row. A lack of rows cannot forgive a lack of sex. Gosh, I hope that doesn't sound all Joan Rivers-esqe.
And stay strong. The weaker you become the stronger they do. Fact.
Hope it all gets easier soon...

bagelmouse said...

Patti Smyth and Don Henley, apparently (I'm assuming it's a different Patti Smith). Jesus.

I'm sorry, am I missing the point of the post?


Will said...

yeah thanks ya'll. it was also quite a generalised post. I know I'm not the only one who wonders these things.

I hope you're not dissing Don Henley there? His name alone should remind you that he is the Don.

bagelmouse said...

Don Henley? You are about 40 years old.