Sunday, August 27, 2006


For the past month or two I've been waking up with a headache most mornings. Obviously in my head this means I've got a brain tumour, but in all likelihood that's probably not the cause. It's not like a major pain, but short, sharp pains every now and again.

I've lost faith in doctors because every time I go there they tell me exactly what the internet does. So by the power of the internet I've been doing a bit of digging and most sources point to the likely causes as:
  • Depression or anxiety linked
  • Withdrawal from pain medication
  • Caffeine withdrawal
  • High blood pressure (I definitely don't have this)
  • Sleep disorders (not that I know of)
So ironically the painkillers I take when the headaches get bad could be contributing to the whole problem. In actual fact, I know that taking too many painkillers has a detrimental impact in the long term as the body's natural painkillers (endorphins and enkaphalins) cease to function as affectively when other painkilling chemicals are introduced into the body, because these introduced chemicals take over the painkilling role. So, like muscles, they waste away from lack of use.

Also, did you know that between 4 and 8am these natural painkillers are at their least effective, so any pains would be magnified?

So the plan is:
  1. Chill out more - I know, easier said than done
  2. NO CAFFEINE - that's gonna be tricky
  3. No more painkillers

If this fails then I'll go see the quack.

Thing is, I'm pretty sure as well that sitting in front of a computer all day also has an impact, but what am I supposed to do about that?


kate said...

don't people sometimes get headaches when their eyes are strained from the computer monitor? have you had your eyes tested recently?

i get a headache if i don't have a cup of tea within about an hour of waking up. how scary is that! i'm addicted, totally.

Will said...

I got me eyes tested a few months ago, and got new glasses. Funny thing is, my head doesn't hurt after I've been at the computer for a long time, just when I wake up... I'm broked.

bagelmouse said...

Couldn't have anything to do with giving up fags could it? I have no idea how the withdrawal works, but could the odd fag be buggering it all up?

Jamie said...

Codine causes cyclical pain/addiction, so don't take pain killers with codine in them.

Get some voltarol down you of you need something hardcore.

Can't believe you didn't ask Dr Jamie about painkillers. I know more about them than GPs. Truefact!

City Slicker said...

If you have just given up fags that is definietly the culprit. I went from 20 tabs a day to 12 a day of Nurofren Plus to deal with the withdrawal headaches. But after a month it was much better. Or as they say just stress (aka life) could be the culprit, hardly helpful I realise.