Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Thames Water Shitehawks

It made me laugh that a burst water main impacted the Big Brother house. It's the soundtrack to this summer, burst water mains a-go-go from our shitty water supply company. What their multi-million pound advertising campaign (with the pictures of Battersea Power station, Tower of London, GLA building, etc "We'll be saving this much water every day") don't tell us is that they're currently losing this much water every day. They've placed the emphasis on what great things they'll be doing in the future, rather than say sorry for the mess they've got us into. Apparently, if they continue at the current rate it'll take something like 250 years to replace all the potentially leaky pipes in London.

This is what the Finsbury Park area looked like last week - flooded again by Thames Water. It meant the whole bus garage was closed for a few days.

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