Wednesday, August 16, 2006

They only answer what they want to answer don't they?

I wanted to wait for a response from Haringey before posting this. I'm amazed I got a response, I never have in the past. But you'll see I'm not retracting any of my opinions. Besides, they're not really opinions - I like to call them FACTS. All formatting of email is 100% accurate. Actually it's not - blogger wouldn't let me post Haringey's mangled response so I had to clean it up....

Will to
To whom it may concern,

Please can you address the badly constructed pelican crossing at the corner of Priory Road and Park Road? It is not possible to see whether the green man is lit or not as someone has put a visor (?) over it, that faces downwards - so you cannot see it from the otherside of the road. This is incredibly dangerous and it's only a matter of time before someone gets hit by a car there.

In actual fact that whole junction is dangerous - it really needs to either be redesigned (what's wrong with a simple crossroads?) or re-signposted because the frequency of drivers honking their horns is almost unbearable for a local resident such as myself. There seem to be incidents of road rage at this junction occuring frequently.

thanks, Will

Will to
10:25 (12 hours ago)

Of course I didn't expect for one moment to get a reply from Haringey Council, after all, I'm just a lowly resident who pays an absolute fortune in council tax, and you're all too busy wasting my money on failed IT projects and shoddy contracts to respond to me.

What exactly if the point of providing an email address if no one looks at it, or replies to it?

Either way, can you sort out this pelican crossing because sooner or later someone is going to be KILLED on it. And when they do I'll go straight to the papers with yet another example of dangerous actions by Haringey Council staff.


ps. When's my rubbish getting picked up? And why did you post LIES on your homepage - namely that Haringey Accord would be providing contingency services, when their own website said they'd be doing nothing of the sort, and services would be completed suspended until the strikers returned to work.
to Streetscene.St., me
18:22 (4 hours ago)
Enquiry Ref: 2-4863005 Dear Mr Webster, Thank you for your enquiry. With regards to your enquiry I have forwarded your email to the Highways StreetScene team who will investigate the problem and notify you of the progress. Haringey Accord started the clear up on 14 August. Crews have almost completed Monday’s collection rounds which should be completed by 16 August and will start on Tuesday’s collections on 16 August as well. Accord has put on 2 additional vehicles to help out with the clear up and staff will be working on Saturday to catch up. The message to residents is that the clear up will take two weeks and the intention is to clear waste on normal collection days wherever possible. We will keep residents updated through the Accord call centre and our website. In the meantime, the Council ask that residents recycle as much of their waste as possible by either using the doorstep service, bring banks or the Reuse and Recycle centres. The Reuse and Recycle Centres are located on Park View Road, N17 and just off Hornsey High Street, N8. The opening hours of the Reuse and Recycle Centres are 7am 7pm (every day). The hours have been extended for the duration of the strike. For waste that can’t be recycled, please bag this securely and store in/around your bin. The Council are reviewing this matter on a daily basis and are working to find suitable refuse collection solutions to minimise disruption. Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience caused. However if you would like to take the matter further you can either email the Environment Complaints Department or complete the online form using the link below;jsessionid=7D2D469B33037468E10C970E6DECB6CA?esessionid=1 If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us. Regards Tarek Sahebdin Customer Services

99% of their response is to my p.s. about the rubbish situation. See. Idiots. I'm surrounded by idiots. I give up.

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bagelmouse said...

God, I had that with Orange - sent them an email about how I could never log into my account online and made a tiny little aside, which was the only thing the response email addressed - and the same again with Carphone Warehouse when they repaired my phone a few years ago, gave me a duff replacement that broke and then wiped all my numbers without giving me a chance to save them.


(Word of the day - "xhvxhol". Is that a prescription drug?)