Thursday, September 07, 2006

Philips SHE9600 headphones

I bought some of these to replace my rapidly falling apart Sony Fontopia headphones. They're shit. Shit is not a strong enough word to describe how bad these things are. They're like shit that's been force fed to you while you're sleeping. Like putting on a suit made entirely out of shit and sitting through a full day of meetings, the shit slowly sliding off your sweating, stinking body as your perspire under the weight of all that shit.

The headphones themselves are ok but the straps and cabling seem to have been designed by an engineer just thrown off the project to build a new suspension bridge across the Bristol Channel. Apparently they're 'neckstrap' headphones - not being down with the kids, I didn't realise that this meant wearing them will make you look like a fucking chimp. Or this woman:

Well that's 30 quid down the drain then. Who wants to dangle their iPod round their neck? Well, these guys probably would.


Jamie said...

The Sony headphones get a bashing all over the net for the fact they fall apart. Didn't you read any of the reviews?

Will said...

Fact is the Sony headphones rule. But they fall apart. So either you buy shit headphones, or resign yourself to replacing them every year. Looks like I'll just have to do that unless someone can recommend some decent in-ear headphones.

Anonymous said...

Try this
It has A 1.2m long cable.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more. These headphones are gash! My wife bought them for her ipod but the cable is so short she can't use them with her belt clip. We returned them 5 minutes after buying them but they wouldn't take them back. There is no way you could tell that the cable was so short from the packaging. Gutted because amazon are selling the Sennheiser CX300s for £15. They were £40 in PC World where we got the Phillips!

javieth said...

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