Monday, October 30, 2006

Why did Google news give me a Telegraph headline?

Where do I begin with this?

Unknown to many, the provisions of 300-year-old laws that still govern copyright in the UK have the effect of making it illegal to "burn" tracks from compact discs on to a computer or digital music player.

Right, you don't 'burn' from a CD, you rip, you uneducated, trying to be down-with-the-kids fuckwits. A 300 year old law says it's illegal? Is that like the laws that say you have to practice archery once a week and can kill a Welshman on a Sunday in Chester? So basically pointless fucking laws that no one's been bothered to get removed from the statute book because they're not enforced. What a fucking non-story.

Labour MP Oona King said she downloaded more than 200 songs from her CD collection on to her iPod.

She may have said that, but I'm more inclined to think it was the Telegraph who thinks you can 'download' something from a CD....

Anyway, it's just pure scaremongering bollocks the lot of it. This area of copyright law is notoriously tricky and unproven in many aspects. Fair use policy exists in the US, although the RIAA is trying to skirt around it, but even if this isn't in law in the UK I'm reasonably sure that any judge in their right mind would throw out any kind of prosecution for this activity as a complete waste of time. There's even a quote in the article from John Whittingdale (chairman of the culture, media and sport select committee inquiry into digital copyright - whatever that is) -

"The music industry has said it has no intention of prosecuting anyone for transferring music they have bought on to their digital music players."

Right, so what's the point of the article then?


Tim said...

Have you seen those new ipod shuffles? They're like little bulldog clips that hold a gig of music.

Look at my beard, it's really growing-in nicely now. This was over a week ago so it's down to my ankles now:

fhqwads said...

That's the david soul top you gave to your dad one christmas, but he gave it me cos it's too small for his belly.
T-shirt is model's own.