Sunday, November 26, 2006

Infestation! UPDATE

I cleaned out the whole cupboard and threw out all the food that was open. I thought at this stage it's better to contain the problem until the traps arrive so I left a few bits of pasta from the mice to chew on. Today I woke up and opened the cupboard, this is what I saw:

A few thoughts sprung to mind, firstly 'awww, how cute' to respect that they don't seem to be scared of me anymore - they just sat there - and then bemusement as I'm not really sure what to do now. Can I try sweeping them into a bag? Will they just scarper? Will my four traps be enough?

Any ideas anyone?

Saturday, November 25, 2006


First off, I tried to post this using Picasa but it turns out that you can't post from Picasa to Blogger in Beta. So bugger.

We have a problem. It's difficult to judge the size of the problem but I'd estimate it to be between 5 and 10cm. I'm talking about Mus musculus, the common house mouse. As if the scratching and squeaking from behind the oven weren't proof enough, they've now started shitting in my pasta cupboard and just last night on top of the microwave. What they were doing there I've absolutely no idea.

So, a shipment of mouse traps are on their way and today I'm scrubbing like mad the whole kitchen as I feel rather dirty. Lots of food is going to end up in the bin as I'm quite fearful of the myriad of diseases spread by these little bastards. I was thinking I might keep whatever mice turn up in the traps but I've now thought better of it, so I'll be releasing them into the wilds of Ally Pally Park to try their chances with the foxes and rapists.

I just opened the cupboard a few minutes ago and caught sight of one of them. It's certainly true what they say - they are more fearful of us then we are of them. And I'll give them good reason to be. Muahahaha.

Look, some shit.

Friday, November 24, 2006

I had to post this one.

From here. Thanks Rachel.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Moker's reminiscent stream of consciousness

I was 16, you were 15, Helen, kate, Tim, Claire Haylock, Berridge, Noonan, Bennett, Alex, Amy Cutts, Alston Works, john Sommerville, magic mushrooms, acid tabs, skunk, weed, matt mcKay, luke Williams, The Fifth columnist, Clerks, Turkey Johns, Tom arnold, Keith Mullett Malen, football on Christchurch fields, violence on Barnet high street, drinking in Totteridge cricket fields, being mugged, drinking in Barnet rugby fields, drinking during the week, drinking on the factory roof, vandalism, breaking and entering, burglary (NOT of Arnold's garage though), waterbombs, spooning out, self harming, enforced haircuts, YPF, kurt cobain dying, Nirvana unplugged, Glastonbury on TV for the first time, Beavis & butthead, Dr. dragos Madcap Chase, it's a new dead badger, QE boys, QE girls, the mound outside the spires, Benylin Death, Super Stongbow, crusties, house parties, Doc martins, curtain haircuts, Suede, metallica, The only Ones, Mudhoney, Dr hook and Neil young, Moosey anna, Squalid dump, Paulina, The white lion, french bangers, fire lighters, itchy belly, old man and slick rick, sitting at the back of the library... drinking, Phil arnold and the Wentworth crew, the empty garage at the top of Byng road, starting fire after fire, vans trainers, unwins, Barnet Co-op, Freddy headly, the hut in foulds school, the eggy caretaker, a huge p*ssed off bunch of neighbours, Teenage love (oh yeah) and "breaking the law" therapy cover.

(edited for spelling...)

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


I've got better things to do than hang out on Myspace but I know the same cannot be said for many of you. So be very careful out there if you're using Firefox as this vulnerability has just come out, with no fix as yet. It's so simple, it's genius. Websites like Myspace allow users to craft their own HTML into the webpage and this particular attack used a legitimate looking Myspace login form to steal your username and password - even though the form was getting posted to a completely different site.

There's the potential here for any website that allows users to craft pages with HTML. Not to mention the traditional phishing websites.

Personally I'm not going to stop letting Firefox save my passwords, but I shall be very careful until this is fixed.

I bet Microsoft are feeling pretty smug right now. Or maybe not...

Monday, November 13, 2006


The long wait is over and Alison can have her iPod back, I've just ordered a 60GB one of these. I figured I'd fill up a 30GB one pretty quickly so I've been biding my time until this was released. Now all I'll have to do is figure out how to get iTunes tracks onto it. I bet the software that comes with it is rubbish.