Saturday, November 25, 2006


First off, I tried to post this using Picasa but it turns out that you can't post from Picasa to Blogger in Beta. So bugger.

We have a problem. It's difficult to judge the size of the problem but I'd estimate it to be between 5 and 10cm. I'm talking about Mus musculus, the common house mouse. As if the scratching and squeaking from behind the oven weren't proof enough, they've now started shitting in my pasta cupboard and just last night on top of the microwave. What they were doing there I've absolutely no idea.

So, a shipment of mouse traps are on their way and today I'm scrubbing like mad the whole kitchen as I feel rather dirty. Lots of food is going to end up in the bin as I'm quite fearful of the myriad of diseases spread by these little bastards. I was thinking I might keep whatever mice turn up in the traps but I've now thought better of it, so I'll be releasing them into the wilds of Ally Pally Park to try their chances with the foxes and rapists.

I just opened the cupboard a few minutes ago and caught sight of one of them. It's certainly true what they say - they are more fearful of us then we are of them. And I'll give them good reason to be. Muahahaha.

Look, some shit.

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