Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Could do with a day off

Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it.

Ferris Bueller's Day Off was on Film4 yesterday. Sweet. I was going to say I'd forgotten how much it rules, but that would be a lie. I remember all the time how much it rules. And even in my youth I realised how true Ferris' words were. Just take some time to think about it now and again, mmkay?

In other news I just made an awesome gazpacho from possibly the best cookery book in the world. The Silver Spoon is so amazing it has recipes for animals I've never even heard of. I can't wait for lunch tomorrow. Is it wrong to be this excited about soup?


bagelmouse said...

I'm glad it's not just me - I had to choose the menu for one of my work Christmas lunches yesterday and ended up Googling some of it. How the hell am I supposed to know what sauce diable is?

That book looks amazing. But I have a feeling I'd never make anything from it - my most used cookbooks are the 'one pot' type; any recipe that starts "season the cavity of the duck and truss with kitchen string" is never going to happen...

Will said...

Chances are I'll never make much of a dent in the 2000 recipes included but it is fantastic for when you've only got 3 ingredients in the house. You can search through the index and find about a dozen recipes for any particular item. Mmmm, gazpacho.

It is funny though that a lot of dishes with pasta start with 'make a well with the flour and add an egg....yadda yadda in your pasta maker to produce tagliatelle'

bagelmouse said...

*chuckle* One of these days there'll be a recipe that starts "cobble together all the remnants of dried pasta in your cupboard - try and get vaguely similar cooking times..."

You're selling me on this book though. The number of times I've got my Abel and Cole box and thought 'what the FUCK am I going to do with three beetroot?'

Will said...

How about beetroot with anchovies, beetroot with bechamel sauce, beetroot with onions, borsch, Genoese salad or rice and beetroot salad? That's not to mention the 20 odd recipes for beetroot tops. Whatever they are.

Jamie said...

People love FBDO... then they grow up and pretend that they love it because they USED to love it. As if, everything he says doesn't apply to their lives. As if their lives are immune from the shit, crap and bollocks hum-drum of real life. As if making the most of your life and not taking any man-made institution seriously is some kinda hilarious joke your bathed in when you were 14. FUCK IT.FUCK YOU ALL.

The only joke is that every one of us pretends that Ferris Buller is a stupid teen film that you grow out of. No it's not. Like everything else you try and ignore with your Acardo shopping and moderate pay packet... it's (the manifestations of some weirdo called John Hughes) exactly what you thought 10-15 years ago but it makes you sick to the stomach to think you're over it and now you really know what lifes about. What? Working hard? Not dreaming? Owning stuff? Having a pension and a a nice property? A sock drawer and a genuine concern over your collection of books/cds/train sets? So earning money will work towards inner happiness, joy, meaning and fulfilment? YOU MAKE ME SICK. ALL OF YOU. INCLUDING ME. We all suck. But go on, argue against it. Pretend that, even though you're not happy yet, you've got it sorted because you've realised everything you felt instnctively, deep down and "immediately" was actually a load of bollocks and what the BBC, the government, your jaded parents (I don't care how hippish they are) and your boring friends who are brainwashed long before they got to think for themselves) were actually right. After all, if they're wrong at least you never had to think for yourself and the blame doesn't reside on your cowardly shoulders.