Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The Future

It's not exactly what I was going for back in February but it's damn near close enough.

3's newly released X-Series offers 3G services with a flat charge. And no more 'walled garden' internet nonsense. Lookie:

What you get:
  • Unlimited* mobile access to Slingbox and/or Orb
  • Unlimited* Windows Live Messenger already included in your price plan
  • Unlimited* international calls with Skype
  • Unlimited* data to use on:
    • Web surfing with Yahoo! Search and Yahoo! Go
    • Mobile Mail with Yahoo! Mail, GMail and other internet service providers
    • Podcasts
  • eBay - Free on your price plan
I want one. But not yet, they still don't do Skype-out.


stoykish said...

the new hava pro hd IS WAY BETTER tha n the slingbox since it allows for more than one person to log on and enjoy TV, and it is completely wireless and also has double the resolution as the slingbox.

Will said...

Not available in the UK though. But anyway Orb is free and I'm less worried about sharing media over the LAN as I am over the internet. I barely have room for 2 TV in my flat!