Sunday, December 17, 2006

Scrooge hat on

I know I'm going to get a fair amount of stick for this, but I simply can not pass comment on this relatively recent phenomenon that occurs at this time of year. Charity Christmas eCards (the 'e' stands for electronic because if you put an 'e' in front of anything it suddenly makes it super dooper hi-tech and whizzy, like email (normal mail but slower and more junk), e-envoy (a government minister who makes sure that all government IT services are delivered late and over budget) and efood (food bought online that says I'm better than you - not to be confused with efamine, hunger caused by non-intensive arable farming to produce luxury organic goods for export).

But I digress. It's not that I'm opposed to charity, or I think cancer is great, I just find something slightly self satisfying about advertising charitable giving. Charity isn't about looking honourable, it's supposed to be an altruistic act. But it's become so fashionable to be a 'good' person - to recycle, only eat organic mung beans, drive hybrids (which in many cases pollute more) and so on. It's just another spoke in the modern day version of keeping up with the Jones'. That curiously English disease of oneupmanship of your peers.

Anyway, who really cares about Christmas cards? I'd much rather be bought a pint. Or a mince pie. Although that doesn't mean they're not gratefully received (you know who you are) but unless everyone you know is sending cards they just end up looking sad and lonely on the bookshelf. So please, keep your ecards, give money to charity, but don't shout about it like you want a reward or something.


Amy said...

Translation of “I know I'm going to get a fair amount of stick for this...” into real-speak

“I’m feeling a little attention-seeky so I’m going to say something contentious. Look at me! Look at me! Toys out of pram! Whee!!”

Have you though that maybe it is awareness raising on behalf of the charity rather than “personal” advertising? Or is your world so solipsistic that this concept doesn’t register? Do you have any idea of how charity marketing works?

You’re lucky you have any friends who even bother to think of you at all. I’m sure they won’t bother next year.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha. Touched a nerve then?

Amy said...

You know, I thought, shall I bother posting and give him the rise he is looking for, but I get vertigo from that moral high ground.

It's not touched a nerve except I find ignorant people lacking in manners extremely irritating.

Strangely I find anonymous posts irritating too. If it's worth saying, at least own up to it.