Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Connecticut Teacher faces 40 years in jail for malware infestation

Can you actually believe this shit?

It quite clearly has all the hallmarks of a typical spyware infestation, but the police did not even scan for any. That alone should have been the end of this case but it looks like a catalogue of disasters have contributed to this women's demise - a narcoleptic Judge, an ignorant jury who'd discussed the case at a local restaurant and a so-called 'expert' prosecution witness Mark Lounsbury who said he can differentiate between what is and what is not a pop-up based on the source codes and says she must be guilty because their were pr0n images on the PC (in the temporary internet files, natch).

Thankfully Alex Eckelberry is on the case.


Jamie said...

I read that article about four times and still don't understand it. It kinda talks about the case, but, well doesn't really. I think I might be thick or something, but seriously, what a weirdly written article.

Anyway, why didn't she turn the monitor of? It went on for hours? How weird.

THIS WHOLE THING IS WEIRD. 40 years is stupid, but surely, she could have turned the computer off or got people out the room? Weird.

Will said...

well that was the whole premise of the prosecution case but basically she was a substitute teacher and told not to turn anything off, as a permanent member of staff had to log her on. She did try and shield pupils from the screen but she obviously wasn't particularly computer literate and also panicked a bit.

Will said...

there's another take on it here

Jamie said...

Sounds to me like she should be in jail for not using her head. "I can't turn the computer off, I've been told not to"


Jamie said...

AND, hang on, if she's not allowed to turn anything off, surely she realised she could turn off the monitor? And even then, surely logic dictates that you'd get the pupils out the room and then you'd call someone.

Seriously, this woman doesn't deserve to go to jail, but she is perhaps the thickest person on the planet.

I hope this post on your blog isn't supporting her IN ANY WAY as this is the most stupid thinkg I've ever, ever heard.

Will said...

look at her though, she does look pretty dense.