Monday, February 19, 2007

Some Norway

I'm going to put some photos into a web album or something, but can't be bothered right now so I'll just stick a few up. Maybe I'll flesh out what we got up to at the weekend, when I've actually unpacked.
The Hurtigrute ferry we took from Bodø.

The Norwegian Navy.

Viking swastika..?

It was really cold in Hell. In fact, Hell froze over. Ahahaha. Ha.

Bodø bicycle.

Some Northern Lights in Tromsø.

View from the plane to Alta.

Ice Hotel chapel. Those crazy Norwegians.

More crazy Norwegians.



This is a good example of the scenery you get to see from the Hurtigrute. Big mountains with tiny little houses at the bottom.

Saturday, February 17, 2007


Let's just take a closer look at that shall we?

Yes, that's minus 20 and it's only 4 in the afternoon. No wonder the locals keep giving us strange looks for waiting at the bus stop.

p.s. I've got one spare ticket for Trail of Dead on Tuesday - anyone want it?

Monday, February 12, 2007

Did we take a wrong turn somewhere?


The hotel's that way.... in fact it's the building at the top, just to the right of the path, you can just about make it out.

It's also got free internet and a media card reader so maybe I'll put a couple more photos up while we're here. It's not too cold by the way, Oslo was colder at about -10 but I think it's just -6 here. The last couple of nights were spent sleeping on moving vehicles (train and boat) so I have this continuing sensation whenever I sit still that the floor is still moving. Hopefully it'll wear off soon.

Saw some incredible scenery from the Hurtigrute over the last day as we traversed the fjords around the Lofoten Islands but the major thing I can't get over is that no matter how barren and inhospitable these places look they are populated. I guess the fishing's good because I can't think what else they'd do up here.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Back in a couple of weeks

It's minus 10 at the moment. Brrrrr.

God bless ITV4

And did you know that Uncle Leo was in Kelly's Heroes?

Kinda makes you wonder what he did for the 20 years in between.