Thursday, March 15, 2007

Budgets, like, whatever

Lots of people moaning on the news that the increased (again) Olympic budget will be raiding the National Lottery kitty. But hang on, didn't 'the public' recently get up in arms about unspent Lottery money? Might as well spend it on something....

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Jamie said...

No, this absolutely suck. It;s this type of attitude that allows the government to continuously fuck us all up the arse and take OUR money to use for their undeclared gaffs and perverse agendas.

This was the exact reason why I was against the Olypic bid in the first place. Londoners paying even more through the arse.... The very obvious and inevitable rising costs and I guarentee, late building contracts and unfinished or poorly completed housing / facilities / travel connections. It's all bollocks. The only good thing was watching the whole of Paris look gutted when we won. Other than that, the French can have the crappy Olympics. I don't want it. I've lived in London all my life and I didn't even get a say in whether we have it or not.

What a total crock of shit.