Thursday, April 19, 2007

Who works harder, men or women?

Great story.

"The time spent not working is identical for men and women. How this time is used differs for men and women and it turns out that women for instance spend much more time sleeping than men do and that extra time that women spend sleeping, men usually spend watching TV, so that may explain the perception that women have less free time."

Ha. That's what you get for your 10.30pm bedtime.

Anna Thorburn from Global Women's Strike, a body campaigning for greater recognition of the work women do, says it doesn't recognise how women work. For instance it ignores what she calls 'emotional housework'. "It's the organising and planning and maintaining of relationships that women do. When men stop working they switch off. Women are constantly on the go, juggling things to keep things going."

Yeah whatever. Fact is men take precisely 2 minutes to organise anything, whereas women take 3 days of 'should we go here or here' and 'but if so-and-so is coming then whatsisname can't' deliberating before they do something. That's why they don't switch off and waste precious brain space that could otherwise be used for knitting patterns and celebrity gossip.

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