Thursday, June 21, 2007

Will's Odyssey

Everyone else seems to be buggering off on holiday so I thought I'd do the same. After a little bit of research I've settled on the small Greek island of Ithaca, supposed home of Odysseus. Apparently there's not much to do there except lie on the beach and eat seafood, so sounds ok to me.

Having enjoyed the journeying around Norway by land so much I've decided to get there by train and ferry, through Italy. Haven't quite decided if I'll stop off much on the way, guess it depends how much I book in advance. I'm hoping that since there's no airport on the island that it won't be quite as covered in tourists as your typical Greek island, although going in the middle of July probably doesn't help.

Here's a picture of the author of the Odyssey:


Kate said...

Haha, I'm doing Greece too! Are you ferry-hopping then, since there's no airport? You'll probably meet lots of Swedish girls.

Tim said...

Bill and Ted's homosexual adventure?

bagelmouse said...

You can borrow my Rough Guide to the Mediterranean (or Lonely Planet, WHICHEVER), since I won't be needing it til I interrail it round Europe in September. (Go on, stop off places, it's fun.)

Will said...

There will be a couple of ferries involved, I wouldn't go so far as to say that constitutes enough to be 'hopping'.

I've pretty much decided I'm not going to stop along the way. I did the whole interrailing thing a while ago and that's not what I'm looking for right now. Plus I've seen enough of France and Italy to satisfy me for the moment. Maybe if I was going away for longer, but I'm only taking 2 weeks out.

bagelmouse said...

So? i'm only going for 8 days. Mind you, I don't believe in stopping more than a day or two in any one place... I get bored too easily :-)