Monday, July 02, 2007

Glasgow = Soft Target? or The Insidious Enemy Within

Can you laugh about terrorism? I think so. That's why when I read about the 'attack' on Glasgow airport following the Friday 'attacks' I couldn't help but burst out laughing from a line in this article 'It was only when a member of the public punched him in the face that the police managed to restrain him.'

The moral of the story is, if you're going to blow up something in Glasgow, do it properly, or they'll 'ave ya.

Anyways, it's really only a matter of time before the culprits are officially identified but I don't think it takes a genius to work it out. I know you shouldn't judge people by their background and lump them all in together as a bunch of anti-social, murderous misanthropes but clearly there's something that runs deeply through the veins of a certain section of British society today. Their community leaders urge calm, but I can remain calm no more.

They were responsible for the July 7th bombings and most of the alleged incidents since. They have assimilated into everyday British life, particularly in London, outwardly appearing to be 'just like us' but inside they're different. With their disturbing views about women, drinking and treasonous calls for independence. Only their strange food and their accents give them away.

Who am I talking about? That's right. Northerners.

Be careful out there kids.


Anonymous said...

You BASTARD! I had a rant all worked out and now it'll look like I copied. Oh well. Originality is overrated.


Chris Paul said...

I think you'll find they were Doctors (like one of the BNP boys) and very much "southerners" as in from the Equator (unlike the BNP boys).

Fortunately they couldn't read their own handwriting and gave an irritatingly non-lethal dose rather than the full double effect intended.