Wednesday, July 25, 2007

New toy

Ok, so yesterday I picked up a brand new Sony Vaio TZ for an extortionate amount of money and I'm writing this on it now. I was, and still am, pretty thrilled by it - it's tiny for a laptop with an 11" screen, but has 2GB or RAM and a 100GB hard drive, built-in webcam, and the screen is very very impressive. I predominantly wanted it for digital photo editing and stuff on the move - something I could take on travels with me and my camera.

There is one issue though, which I'd never experienced in my run of work-bought Thinkpads - stuck pixels. About half a dozen of them, visible as green against a black background. I'm not really sure what to do. I'm thinking I might leave it a few days and if they haven't improved I'll take it back and see if they can exchange it (only problem is I know this was the last one in the shop....).

It's just such a shame it isn't 100% perfect, because basically everything else about this machine is.


bagelmouse said...

OK. You clearly have way too much money.

Tim said...

If you've got dead pixels return it- they'd bother the shit outta me. You can buy a new one from the sony style shop online- they were pretty prompt.
I got the new FZ Vaio a couple of months ago to suit my new roaming work lifestyle and it's the fucking balls. Having memory stick and sd card slots in the front is a revelation, and like you said, the screen is teh awesome.

Will said...

Yeah it's the X-black LCD that does it. I will take it back, shame though because I really wanted to start probably playing with it. Pah.