Thursday, July 05, 2007

Tickets, gah!

Why do 2 tickets with face value of £12.50 cost £34.75 at Stargreen, £32.45 at Ticketmaster, £32.30 at Seetickets and £30.37 at Ticketweb? Why the disparity and what exactly do I get for paying a 'service charge' or a 'transaction fee'? Isn't five pounds for postage sufficient to cover the costs of someone taking my tickets out of the bundle they have, putting them into an envelope and going to a postbox?

You don't pay service charges for anything else bought over the internet, so why for tickets?


Anonymous said...

I'm getting so fed up with these arbitrary 'booking fees'. When I rang Rail Europe to book the compulsory reservation from Paris to Geneva, the booking fee was £6. The cost of the reservation was £4. Go figure.

For gig tickets, I've learnt that if you can get to the Stargreen office itself, or the venue itself, it removes almost all these stupid fees. I object to them violently, and sometimes I do stomp down there in a fit of bloodymindedness. Bah.

Anonymous said...

Isn't the OFT or someone doing a big enquiry into ticket agency fees?

Pete said...

Well, I guess it could all be profit for the agencies and a huge racket. However if that was the case, I'd expect the new sites like seetickets and ticketweb to undercut the incumbents massively to steal business.

It looks to me like the venues must get something from propping the current booking fee system up. I'd guess there are pretty sizeable payments made from the agents to the venues in return for exclusivity and to keep new agencies from entering the market and undercutting them.

Anonymous said...

I'd heard that about an enquiry. About sodding time too, esp when Feed Me throws up two separate booking fee complaints within half an hour!