Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A great post about social networking

Behind the marketing hype what their actual use is for. Although the author seems a little confused about networking vs. social networking. I'm going to write more about this very soon...

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Anonymous said...

I'm still freaking out about Facebook. I feel like it's giving me too much information into people's lives. You could argue that when X breaks up with his girlfriend it was 'easier' to change his status on Facebook than going through the humiliating ritual of telling everyone individually (always fun, that bit), but otoh your 'real' friends will know anyway - if I'm not in the loop enough to be told, I feel awkward knowing. And why on earth should I know so much about Y's social life because Y keeps appearing in other people's photos... am starting to feel icky about the whole thing.

Plus, now my cousin's on Facebook.