Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Britain Blues

This country is pretty shit. Come on, let's admit it. The only reason we're all still here is because we were born here, our friends are here and our shitty education system failed in teaching us different languages. Our British stoicism and sense of humour in the face of constant assaults of bad service, bad behaviour and bad weather are all that keep us from complete social breakdown.

To add insult to injury we get the unpleasant results of quality of life polls that give our neighbours even more of a reason to laugh at us. Yesterday's was from the Economist which placed Ireland as the best country in the world to live in. I've never been there so can't really comment, but Britain was placed as 29th. Does it really deserve the prefix of 'Great' these days?

All but one in the top ten were European countries, though not all from the EU, but this got me thinking. We clearly are unable to run our health service in an efficient, useful or even clean manner. Our schools are now just long exam revision classes. Our police spend all their time doing paperwork whilst gun-toting youths rampage through inner city estates (©Daily Mail). Our transport infrastructure is the worst I've seen in Western Europe. And no one trusts any of our politicians or anyone senior in charge of anything to do with public sector services.

So, with all this hubbub about the EU Constitution taking away autonomy over such things (and yes, I know it doesn't really do that, but maybe could lead to more control from Brussels, yadda yadda yadda) why don't we just let the EU have a go at running our public services? Can they really fuck it up any worse than we have?


Anonymous said...

I often wonder if the reason our infrastructure and public services are so shit is because we did a lot of them first... give the Paris Metro a few more decades and see if it doesn't start to break down as often as the tube. Actually that's a bad analogy as France have enough socialist governments to invest in stuff like that. So it's probably the fault of the UK population for voting in conservatives for 20 years.

Will said...

And things have got a lot better in the last 10?

This is my point. It doesn't matter who is in charge at the top, the British are incapable of running decent public services.

Anonymous said...

I think the problem was that things had got so bad they were impossible to put back to how they had been... that doesn't necessarily mean that Blair's beloved market forces was the way to go in fixing stuff, but at the point of inheritance half the infrastructure was privatised and industry regulators had fuck all power to control corporate behaviour.

Will said...

See! We clearly cannot be trusted to run things ourselves.