Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I hate buying theatre tickets, there's just far too much choice in terms of where you're going to sit; stalls, dress circle, upper circle, balcony, obscured views (why the fuck would you want one of them?), boxes and so on. With a gig it's simple - standing or sitting. In my old age I have taken to sitting at some recent gigs, where standing would not really add anything to the experience. Here the rule is as follows - if you want a good seat, get there early. Easy. With theatre tickets you have to look up bloody seating plans to figure out where you might be, and it could look fantastic on paper but in reality you're 3 football field lengths from the stage. You'd think that opting for the most expensive tickets would always yield the best seats, but not in my experience. And don't even get me started on booking fees again - the ones payable for gigs seem charitable by comparison.

Does Opera get government funding? I'm not sure but I don't think they should, not with ticket prices in the hundreds of pounds for a single seat.

And what's with all these shows based on films? I quite want to see Swimming with Sharks but wouldn't it just be easier to rent the movie? Are people just too lazy to come up with new ideas? You're not telling me that there aren't thousands of eager writers out there producing at least a few scripts worthy of performance. Maybe I'll just wait for the book of the play of the film to come out instead.

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Anonymous said...

Well, most times the movie is based on the play... you can;t stop doing the play just cos some studio ran out of ideas. (Of course, the Almodovar adaptation and half the musicals in the West End at the moment does indicate a flow the other way...)