Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I have a dream

I think about the shopkeeper who sets his own rules and answers to no one but himself. I think about the carpenter who turns down a job because he's got some reading to catch up on. I think about the gardener who spends his days in the fresh air listening to the tranquil sounds of nature. I think about the publican who spends all day hogging his own jukebox. I think about the writer, sheltering in the warmth of home with nothing but a cup of tea and a stack of blank paper offering unlimited creative potential. I think about the naturalist exploring unknown lands and about the archaeologist exploring unknown times. I think about the fisherman, calm, peaceful and entirely without pressure. I think about the farmer facing his most important decision of the day - butter or cheese? I think about the actor who gets paid for what he loves doing. I think about the musician who creates a piece of art that will be remembered long after he himself passes into the abyss. I think about the man who makes garden gnomes and the endless possible humorous scenarios he can dream up. I think about the photographer who shows us what the world can look like, if only we were to open our eyes.

I think about all of this and I hate myself, because I have nothing better to do than travel an hour and a quarter every day to sit in a gray office and stare at a fucking computer screen.


bagelmouse said...

Don't encourage Jamie.

Yes, working for yourself would have a certain sense of liberty, but let's not forget the shopkeeper attempting to balance rising wholesale costs and ground rent, the gardener with knackered joints from spending cold and rainy days working outside, the publican's 18 hour days, the writer earning absolutely nothing due to the increase in book discounting and the demise of the hardback, the naturalist and archaeologist spending half the time securing funding, the fisherman struggling with quotas, the farmer writing off half his crops because of flooding and slaughtering half his livestock cos of bird flu or foot and mouth or bluetongue, the actor and musician who have to temp to pay the rent cos their 'proper' job doesn't pay enough, the photographer who spends most of his time networking galleries and magazines rather than actually taking photos.

The garden gnome maker's probably got it quite cushy.

The grass isn't always greener.

Jamie said...

Stop stealing my rants!

Unsurprisingly, Rachel makes a counter argument rather than embracing living. Remember there's always a downside! OH JOY.

I think he point he's getting at Rachel is that work is shite. I don't think he wants to become an actor.

Will said...

You should go see 'Into the Wild' - saw it yesterday, absolutely incredible film. Right up your street I think.

bagelmouse said...

Yes, yes, because in Jamie's head I am a grey individual who has no joy left. Because what's in Jamie's head is always totally equivalent to reality. What I'm actually saying is, not working in an office is still working, with its own stresses and problems. I find the fetishisation of non-office life a little bizarre.

Doesn't the guy in Into the Wild die at the end?