Saturday, January 19, 2008

Damn the Royal Mail

Further to this post I'm now in the middle of a compensation claim for Royal Mail's thievery. I was absolutely fuming this morning when I received a letter from them for a couple of reasons.

Firstly they said because it had been a while now that they 'must' consider compensation. Well I would say that they should consider compensation because they employ a bunch of thieving scallys who stole my post. The least they can do is compensate for the price of this item.

But the absolute cheek of it is that they require me to sign and return a slip of paper they sent with the letter, even though I'd filled in the required claim form already. And, get this, if they don't receive it within 5 days they'll consider my case closed! What a fucking liberty. Of course, this being Royal Mail they posted that letter on the 16th and I only got it today! If they close my case I will be absolutely fucking livid.

Oh yeah, and a couple of days ago I received an interesting item in the post. It was an empty envelope with the Royal Mail's sincerest apologies wrapped around it and a letter explaining "I am sorry that the enclosed mail has been found in this condition after being withheld from delivery by a Royal Mail employee." Can you believe it?! Twice in a month.

Problem is I have no idea what this item was so I can't even make a claim. Hopefully it was just some junk mail or something. All it had was a return postcode, EN5 2UA, which is in Barnet I guess.

Fucking Royal Mail. Absolutely fucking useless shitehawks.

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