Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Oh yeah, I kinda forgot about this. Ok, they're not computer generated. Not technically anyway. They're high dynamic range (HDR) images and the idea is that they provide a more realistic interpretation of a scene as it would be seen by the human eye. The human eye having a much greater dynamic range than a camera.

There's a couple of ways of creating them, either by bracketing exposures (taking under, over and normally exposed pictures) or, the way I've done here, by capturing an image in RAW format and processing them (ie. developing) with the 3 different exposure settings. You then merge the 3 images using specialist software. I think Photoshop probably does this, as does Photomatix.

You can up the saturation and contrast settings during this last phase to create quite dramatic looking pictures (see below). I wouldn't call them photos though. I think you can create some stunning pictures, just take a look at Flickr for some, but I think that's it for me with HDR, at least for now. I'd rather focus on creating great pictures that are interesting without resorting to digital processing techniques.

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Tim said...

Well it's not really a more accurate way of portraying what the human eye sees. I don't see colours or the edges of objects anything like those represented in HDR images.

And I took drugs in my youth.