Saturday, January 12, 2008

No bueno Vista

After months of annoyance I finally found this guide on how to correct the excruciatingly annoying auto-customisations that Vista applies to folders. I don't get Vista, I really don't. All I've seen so over XP so far is unwanted UI changes. There's not one thing in it that's an improvement on XP, and most things are worse. I'm just pissed off that it was pre-installed so I'm stuck with it.

And here's how to turn it off entirely! Hurrah. Having to do a registry change to correct display setting is absolutely taking the piss though.


ElijahBailey said...

I use a tweaking tool found through here: It keeps it on but silences it. Might try turning it off entirely though.

Vista is incredibly annoying. Windows was always bad enough with it's nannying nature but Vista takes it a whole new level. I hate how, despite being logged in as an administrator, I have to run programs like SpyBot as an administrator to apply changes like immunisation. I really don't need two ways of opening something. Nor do I need 8 or whatever ways to turn my computer off.

I also want to be able to, shock horror, have My Documents on a seperate drive from the rest of the OS and that be recognised.

All of Windows faults wouldn't bother me so much if they just included a little tick box saying "Expert User", defined as someone who say doesn't click 'Yes' to every pop up and think the boot.ini is a file that must be sought out and swiftly deleted.

All the changes I have made to my computer, be it with anti-virus or the OS, have all been geared to making my computer run silently. I wish Microsoft would wake up and realise that there are alot of people who want the same. An OS that is just a background thing, a support for all the things you want to do. Sort of like a butler who hands you what you need with the minimum of fuss rather than a psychotically overprotective parent constantly fretting around you.

I can't see anything changing though without an opening up of competition. Microsoft are too big and entrenched to try anything radical.


(a note to any Mac users who may read this and feel all smug - if Macs are so fun, where are all the games?)

ElijahBailey said...

Two more things:

Whereas with XP you used to be able to right click on your internet connection in the task bar and go to properties to veiw the, uh, properties of your connection, you now have do go through two windows before you can do that.

Also every time I start up Windows nags me that it has blocked some start up programs which is rubbish. I blocked the startup programs. I don't want to be questioned on this. I don't want o have to close the notifaction (actually right clicking and selecting 'Exit' because apparently just closing the message is not enough)

Arrr Will what have you started!

Will said...

Haha. Yeah i've also found that networking is much more 'hidden'. It takes me ages to find all the network connections I've configured.

It doesn't help that I've got Sony's network config program sitting on top of it doing god knows what.

First thing I did when I got Vista was turn off UAC. What a pain in the arse that is. Then I had to disable all or the security centre widgets AND tell it not to tell me off for doing so.