Thursday, January 24, 2008


I think my camera has died. Not totally, but more as in it's terminally ill. I've been sorting all my kit out for the epic Scandinavian adventure next week and was just messing around with a few long exposures when I noticed a bunch of hot pixels. It seems to be on everything over 1sec, which clearly is not going to work for me.

Take a look at this, at 100%, I think:


I posted a question on the Canon Flickr forums and they came back affirmative. It's not user fixable, but I could possibly send to Canon for them to do something with the sensor. But that might cost lots.

So I either a) travel with a camera that won't let me take a wide selection of photos b) rent one for the trip and buy a 450D when I get back or c) splash out on a 40D now.

Hmmm. The 40D is ahead at the moment being more of a step up than the 450D and only an extra £100 from Amazon. I really don't need this right now though. I can afford it but it wasn't something I was planning on doing for a good while.


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Tim said...

I can lend you my Pentax MX and some decent lenses. Put some 100 ASA film in it.

Cost: £4