Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Greetings from the Baltic

Well we've finally made it to Visby which, I have just learnt, is where they filmed the Pippi Longstocking films! Copenhagen was great, but busy. I'll maybe give you all an update later - we've just got free internet in this hotel (fairly basic, holiday camp looking place, virtually empty but very friendly staff and I think we might be the only non-Swedes here). It's overcast, but not that cold. We'll have to see if that's good for photos or not. I'll tell you what, standing by the harbour in Copenhagen for an hour, in the dark, trying to get a decent picture of the new opera house was a chilling experience. I didn't even get any photos I was particularly happy with, but it's all a learning experience.

The sail across the Baltic was calm as a lake and ridiculously punctual - as is everything, down to the minute. We're just about to explore the town now, but we're going to take it easy today by exploring mostly caf├ęs. We're also thinking about hiring a car (cycling really only seems like an option for summertime) and if we do maybe we can go to Faro, the little island to the north where Ingmar Bergman lived until his recent death. Apparently they have some really otherworldly limestone rock formations.

Anyway, here's a couple of Copenhagen photos to keep you happy:

Pretty Houses

The Little Mermaid. Meh.

The Opera House

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